Building an effective Search Engine Optimization strategySearch Engine Optimization
There are necessary steps to take in order to guarantee

that your website will be as effective and productive as possible in order to ensure that your business grows and will be increasingly more profitable. We divise a plan so that you rank high on search engines such as (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) using innovative techniques so that your presence dominates the Web. Search engine optimization is crucial in ensuring this! Here are the following requirements in an effective SEO strategy:

The essence of SEO is based upon website content

Development and building of links based upon 6 elements:

  • Presence
    You need to be visible, known and talked about!
  • Personality
    You need to stand out as being unique and memorable!
  • Pertinence
    You need to offer pertinant and relevant information about your brand, services & products!
  • Photography
    You need to convey a visual message that sets you apart from your competition!
  • Partnership
    Your customers need to feel engaged as active participants!
  • Passing on clients
    You need to establish a rapport so that your customers will want to refer you to others!

An assessment of your website:

  • We determine the effectiveness of traffic on your website and whether there is a need to improve upon it.
  • We determine what strategies are necessary to improve upon your conversion rate and click through rate.

Identifying & establishing your company’s optimization goals

  • Your website’s organic traffic.
  • Your website’s social media activity across various channels.
  • Public awareness and perceptions of your website versus that of your competitors.
  • Your site’s conversions regarding all viewer’s activities and interactions.
  • Your website’s click through rate indicating the effectiveness of each link on your website in contributing to the success of your on-line advertising campaign and the effectiveness of your e-mail.
  • Determining optimal keyword usage based upon an analysis of industry standards, ranking according to Google’s Keyword Planner and a review of novel approaches and keywords used by your competitors.
  • Auditing your website.This step is crucial to operationalize the optimization goals your company sets for itself in the planning stage.
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